Equine Welfare Certificate

Equine Welfare

The University of Guelph’s award winning continuing education program has unveiled a new Equine Welfare Certificate which will offer students the opportunity to explore local and global animal welfare issues in the horse industry.

Offered as an extension of the award-winning Equine Science Certificate, the Equine Welfare Certificate will provide students access to current research and evidence-based practice regarding equine welfare. Equine welfare is a community responsibility and it is important for individuals who are responsible for their care and well-being to have a heightened awarness of equine welfare issues and ethical concerns. The study of equine welfare encompasses all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention, responsible care, humane handling, and, where necessary, humane euthanasia.

Equine Welfare at the University of Guelph

Made up of six online courses, this program has been designed to engage students who have a passion for making a better world for our equines and will examine the biological and emotional factors that affect a horse’s quality of life. Course content will include housing, management practices and procedures that can affect the well being of horses.

"It is extremely important that everyone who owns or works with horses understands not only the complex issues, but also the common practices in daily care and management that can affect the welfare of horses,” explains Tina Widowski, Director Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare. “Through our partnership with Equine Guelph, we are able to combine top expertise in both equine science and animal welfare science to deliver a practical and well-rounded program in Equine Welfare."

Offered by the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, Equine Guelph, and Open Learning and Educational Support, the Equine Welfare Certificate courses in the Equine Welfare Certificate program begin in the Summer 2012 semester.

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Global Perspectives in Animal Welfare Shaggy Horse PhotoExplore Equine Practices on an International Level in our new Global Perspectives in the Equine Industry course this Summer

For many of us, the issue of global equine welfare can stir conflicting emotions. What may appear to be lack of common sense to us, can be regarded as a commonly accepted practice to others. What better way to learn about the issues of welfare for horses than by travelling the globe with Equine Guelph’s new online course, Global Perspectives in Equine Welfare.

“Equines are used for a variety of different purposes around the world, whether for pleasure riding or competition, kept as pets, or used for research, as working animals and in some countries, as food animals,” says course instructor Dr. Nicki Cross of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand. “The versatility of the horse in all these sectors means that an in depth look into their welfare under these different conditions proves complex and stimulating.” Read More...

Following the Hoof Prints of Horse History As long as humans and horses have worked together, people have realized the need to refine and adapt their animal husbandry techniques.With a glance to the past, students will learn about various aspects of the horse industry - both racing and non-racing - and consider the type of industry we want to build for the future. The Equine Industry coming in January 2015

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Detailed course descriptions

The Core Courses

  • Equine Welfare
  • Global Perspectives in Equine Welfare
  • Advanced Equine Behaviour
  • Equine Nutrition or Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition

The Electives

  • Health & Disease Prevention
  • Equine Industry
  • Advanced Equine Functional Anatomy
  • Equine Nutrition or Advanced Equine Health through Nutrition

Course Schedule

Contact info:
Open Learning and Educational Support
info@opened.uoguelph.ca or 519-767-5000

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